Virtual appliance containing the Ophidia framework

Sandro Fiore ; Giovanni Aloisio ; Alessandro D'Anca ; Donatello Elia ; Andrea Mariello ; Cosimo Palazzo

01 February 2016

Abstract: Ophidia is a CMCC Foundation research project addressing big data challenges for eScience. It provides support for data-intensive analysis exploiting advanced parallel computing techniques and smart data distribution methods. The Ophidia analytics framework can be exploited in different scientific domains (e.g. Climate Change, Earth Sciences, Life Sciences) and with very heterogeneous sets of data. The Ophidia Virtual Appliance has been used during the e-Research Summer Hackfest (see

Keyword(s): Big Data ; Data Analytics ; Parallel I/O ; eScience ; e-Research ; Summer Hackfest
Identifier(s): 10.15169/sci-gaia:1467192498.05

Licence: gpl-3.0

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