e-Research Summer Hackfest: The Onedata platform

Krzysztof Trzepla ; Konrad Zemek

05 July 2016

Abstract: In this spresentation we will give an overview of Onedata concepts such as spaces, user groups and providers. We will then discuss onedata system's internal architecture with a focus on scalability, fault tolerance and remote data access. onedata's implementation of CDMI protocol will be briefly discussed along with features for metadata management. To conclude, we will present broadly some of our plans for the close future, focusing on Opendata integration in the system. A live demo of Onedata is also provided in the videos (View references). e-Research Summer Hackfest (http://www.sci-gaia.eu/summer-hackfest).

Keyword(s): Sci-GaIA ; Onedata ; e-Research Summer Hackfest ; INDIGO-DataCloud
Identifier(s): 10.15169/sci-gaia:1469699368.14

Licence: cc-by-4.0

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