An affordable 3D-printed Solar Radiation Shield for Weather Stations

Pehrson, B

22 August 2015

Abstract: We report on an effort evaluating the use of 3D-printing in the design of weather station components. The first component studied is a solar irradation shield in the shape of a pagoda to be evaluated in the WIMEA-ICT project designing an affordable automated weather station for rural Africa. The design environment is based on open source software (OpenSCAD/Cura) and a 3D-printer in the 2000 EUR range, Ultimaker 2. Our conclusions are that 3D-printing is still much of an art but yet a powerful tool for prototyping before going to large volume production. The resulting files have been made available under a Creative Common license in the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository. You are very welcome to print a few copies and join the evaluation activities. OpenSCAD and stereo-lithography files can be found at these links:,,,,,

Keyword(s): WIMEA-ICT ; 3D Printing ; Weather Station
Identifier(s): 10.15169/sci-gaia:1441764121.48

Licence: cc-by-sa

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