Questionnaire on Vulnerability and Poverty Transitions Survey, 2009, First round

Abimbola O. Adepoju

29 April 2015

Abstract: Poverty dynamics enables a better appreciation of the extent of poverty over time by distinguishing between households exiting and entering into poverty, those never poor and the persistently poor. However, it has not received much attention in the poverty literature in Nigeria, largely due to the lack of nationally representative panel data that track the poverty status of households over time. This survey intends to provide indicators for tracking the welfare status of rural households overtime as well as identify the factors influencing this status for potent policy prescriptions.

Keyword(s): Vulnerability ; Poverty ; Transitions ; Survey ; Households
Note: This Vulnerability and Poverty Transition Survey is the first round of a 2 round survey conducted in 2009

Identifier(s): 10.15169/sci-gaia:1479999120.19

Licence: cc-zero

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