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Virtual appliance configured to mount the CODE-RADE CVMFS / Barbera, R ; Becker, B ; Ricceri, R ; Torrisi, M [SOFTWARESCIGAIA-2016-001]
This is a VM based on CVMFS to dynamically deploy and run applications on sites belonging to the Africa & Arabia ROC. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1455122424.56
Resource: Download fulltextOVA;
Sci-GaIA Deliverable D3.1 - Guidelines to setup and configure an appliance for the deployment of standard compliant open access repositories / Barbera, R ; Ricceri, R ; Torrisi, M [PUBLICATIONSSCIGAIA-2015-006]
This deliverable presents the template of a standards-compliant Open Access repository, delivered by the project as a fully-functional, reproducible, proof of principle – a contextualised template of good practice which communities can refer to or even re-use directly. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1441729999.3
Resource: Download fulltextPDF;
Schematic diagram of the CODE-RADE workflow. / Bruce Becker [IMAGESOTHERS-2016-001]
Schematic diagram of the CODE-RADE workflow, showing the various actors and services at play [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1463574603.05
Resource: Download fulltextPNG;
Performance results on SAGrid for libsvm training and characterisation studies / Bruce Becker ; David Risinamhodzi [DATASETSOTHERS-2016-002]
The Support Vector Machine library has been used together with sets of data collected during the Lwazi programme at the Meraka Institute, in order to estimate the performance of the South African National Grid (SAGrid) sites in dealing with typical machine-learning tasks. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1463565234.23
Resource: Download fulltextJSON;
Virtual appliance containing a clone of the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository / Barbera, R ; Ricceri, R ; Torrisi, M [SOFTWARESCIGAIA-2015-001]
The resource is a virtual appliance containing a clone of the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository ( [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1439991515.53
Resource: oar-sci-gaia-vm-template - Download fulltextOVA; oar-template-vm - Download fulltextQCOW2;
Instructions to install and configure a clone of the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository / Barbera, R ; Ricceri, R ; Torrisi, M [PUBLICATIONSSCIGAIA-2015-005]
This document includes the link to the instructions to install and configure the virtual appliance containing a clone of the Sci-GaIA Open Access Repository. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1439992092.82
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Energising Scientific Endeavour through Science Gateways and e-Infrastructures in Africa: the Sci-GaIA project / Roberto Barbera ; Tiwonge M. Banda ; Bruce Becker ; Alexandra Cornea ; et al [PRESENTATIONSSCIGAIA-2015-013]
In African Communities of Practice (CoPs), international collaboration and the pursuit of scientific endeavour has faced a major barrier with the lack of access to e-Infrastructures and high performance network infrastructure enjoyed by European counterparts. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1447422113.31
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