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iGRID: Smart Grid Capacity Development and Enhancement in Tanzania / Prof. Nerey H. Mvungi ; Prof. Hannu Tenhunenm [PUBLICATIONSIGRID-2016-001]
A number of policies and initiatives made by the government of Tanzania is an effort to improve the livelihood of its citizens by making Tanzania a middle income country by 2025. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1468335479.38
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iGrid - Smart Grid Capacity Development and Enhancement in Tanzania / Aron Kondoro [PRESENTATIONSIGRID-2016-001]
Use case to design, implement, demonstrate, test and validate an autonomous solar-powered LVDC nanogrid prototype, serving an off-grid community of 10-100 households that can also be integrated in a higher voltage AC/DC grid if needed, as part of of a bigger strategy to ensure access to reliable and affordable electrical power supply to all communities [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1467889203.31
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iGRID / Aron Kondoro [POSTERSIGRID-2016-001]
The poster describes the architecture of one of the Sci-GaIA project "champion" use cases proposed for the e-Research Summer Hackfest (see [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1473583823.35
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Champions video - Aron Kondoro - iGrid / The Sci-GaIA Consortium [AVRSCIGAIA-2017-084]
This video presents one the Sci-GaIA Champions: Mr. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1492513659.98
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The Effect of ICT, Research and Education Network in Improving the Quality of Research and Higher Education / Rising John Osazuwa [PUBLICATIONSUINADA-2016-001]
Africa has very high capacity strengthening needs. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1480426212.66
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African Science supported by the Sci-GaIA project / Roberto Barbera [PRESENTATIONSSCIGAIA-2016-010]
The main aim of the EU-funded Sci-GaIA project is to create a sustainable foundation of educational material and procedures for the development and management of e-Infrastructure services, such as Science Gateways, Open Access Repositories and Identity Federations, in Africa and beyond to energise scientific endeavour and promote Open Science. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1478273108.54
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Sci-GaIA User Forum - Development of an Open Science Gateway: The case of the iGrid project in Tanzania / Diana Rwegasira [AVRSCIGAIA-2017-050]
This video contains the recording of the presentation titled "Development of an Open Science Gateway: The case of the iGrid project in Tanzania" given at the Sci-GaIA User Forum & Final Conference, held on the 23th and the 24th of March 2017 at the CSIR International Convention Centre (CICC), Pretoria, South Africa. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1491227552.69
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