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Building and Sustaining Institutional Research Impacts Through Open Data Archiving and Dissemination / Olawale Emmanuel Olayide [PRESENTATIONSUINADA-2016-012]
Universities are knowledge management institutions. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1480444812.04
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iGRID: Smart Grid Capacity Development and Enhancement in Tanzania / Prof. Nerey H. Mvungi ; Prof. Hannu Tenhunenm [PUBLICATIONSIGRID-2016-001]
A number of policies and initiatives made by the government of Tanzania is an effort to improve the livelihood of its citizens by making Tanzania a middle income country by 2025. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1468335479.38
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Taking Actions on Climate Change, Agriculture and Sustainable Development in Nigeria / Olawale Emmanuel Olayide [PUBLICATIONSUINADA-2016-004]
This Policy Brief is the outcome of a policy roundtable on climate change, agriculture and sustainable development. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1480173768.68
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Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture for Evidence-based Policy and Sustainable Development in Nigeria / Olawale Emmanuel Olayide [PUBLICATIONSUINADA-2016-003]
This Policy Brief presents the synopsis of the post-doctoral research on the impacts of climate change on agriculture in Nigeria. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1480172943.38
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Introduction to the Sustainable Development Goals / Olawale Emmanuel Olayide [PRESENTATIONSUINADA-2017-001]
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September, 2015 as Development Agenda to be achieved by the 2030 The SDGs are set of global goals that provide a framework for shared action to be implemented by all countries and all stakeholders 10.15169/sci-gaia:1485348355.21
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African Pharmacological Science Gateway: demonstrator of an e-infrastructure community / Barbera, R ; Eriksen, J ; Gustafsson. L L ; Masimirembwa, C ; et al [PUBLICATIONSOTHER-2016-001]
Over the years, under the North-South (N-S) Scientific and Technology transfer drive, many African scientists went for postgraduate training in developed countries such as Sweden, UK, USA, and France. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1453373945.29
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Guide to challenge driven education / Marie Magnell ; Anna-Karin Högfeld [PUBLICATIONSOTHER-2016-005]
Today our societies face a range of complex challenges, from sustainable development to ageing populations and the well-being of their citizens [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1460790910.27
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The Sci-GaIA project: final results, lessons learnt and opportunities for the African Communities of Practice / Barbera, R ; The Sci-GaIA Consortium [PRESENTATIONSSCIGAIA-2017-003]
Sci-GaIA ( is an EU funded project that ran from May 2015 to April 2017. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1509614502.58
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African Science supported by the Sci-GaIA project / Roberto Barbera [PRESENTATIONSSCIGAIA-2016-010]
The main aim of the EU-funded Sci-GaIA project is to create a sustainable foundation of educational material and procedures for the development and management of e-Infrastructure services, such as Science Gateways, Open Access Repositories and Identity Federations, in Africa and beyond to energise scientific endeavour and promote Open Science. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1478273108.54
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The Effect of ICT, Research and Education Network in Improving the Quality of Research and Higher Education / Rising John Osazuwa [PUBLICATIONSUINADA-2016-001]
Africa has very high capacity strengthening needs. [...] 10.15169/sci-gaia:1480426212.66
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