A Science Gateway for an Agent-Based Infection Model Using REPAST

Adedeji Fabiyi(1) ; Simon J.E. Taylor ; Anastasia Anagnostou ; Mario Torrisi ; Roberto Barbera

15 February 2016

Abstract: To effectively control the transmission of infections, a thorough understanding of the determinants, and patterns, of the spread of such infection is paramount. Scientists have used simulation techniques to develop computer models, ranging from deterministic to stochastic models, in order to determine the resultant networks between individuals. Once a simulation has been developed, there may be challenges in how a community of practice can access the simulation and how it can be run quickly. Using distributed computing resources to run these models can help, potentially, in allowing authorised scientists to access the simulation and to increase computational power. However, the deployment and use of these resources can be extremely complex and could be quite a daunting experience, which could, in turn, prevent non-ICT experts from adopting the technology. In view of this, this paper will focus on developing a simple but intuitive user interface, known as Science Gateway (SG), for running and analysing simulation experiments for an infection model on different distributed computing infrastructures. Our demonstration infection-model has been implemented using the Recursive Porous Agent Simulation Toolkit (REPAST) Simphony. The aim of the simulation is to show how agent-based simulation can study the behaviour of infections, with an annual outbreak, by using appropriate input data with respect to illustrating how SGs can be used in this context, particularly in Euro- African collaborations. There are different SG frameworks for building and customizing SG instances, for specific scientific domain, but, in this work, the Catania Science Gateway Framework (CSGF) approach has been adopted. We will show how a SG can be used to allow multiple users, across the world, to access an agent-based simulation running on the distributed computing resources of an e- Infrastructure.

Keyword(s): Infection Model ; Agent based simulation ; Science Gateway ; E-infrastructure
Identifier(s): 10.15169/sci-gaia:1460675843.23

Licence: cc-by-4.0

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