e-Research Summer Hackfest: The gLibrary framework

Antonio Calanducci

04 July 2016

Abstract: In this presentatiom we introduce gLibrary 2.0, a platform that permits to create REST APIs over existing databases or new datasets. It supports both relational and non-relational (i.e. schema-less) datasets. It also provides data storage services to Grid and Cloud (OpenStack-based) Storage Servers. After a general overview and the architecture, we will show live how to create a new repository, importing data collections from an existing database, creating new collections from scratch, make queries and use replicas/attachments to handle file transfers. e-Research Summer Hackfest (http://www.sci-gaia.eu/summer-hackfest).

Keyword(s): Sci-GaIA ; gLibrary ; e-Research Summer Hackfest
Identifier(s): 10.15169/sci-gaia:1469698854.52

Licence: cc-by-nc-sa

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