EthERNet e-Research Hackfest - Education e-Library and MOOC Platform for Ethiopian Research and Education Communities

Behailu Korma

Abstract: Ethiopian Education Roadmap Project is a research project that studies about the current education system ranging from pre-school to the tertiary education. Until now, comprehensive literature reviews are conducted and hundreds of artifacts have been analyzed. The huge documents collected during this study process need to be turned into an e-library that will eventually be utilized as an African Education Library comprising of research publications, books, journals and other related materials. This lecture reports on the work done during the WACREN e-Research Hackfest held in Lagos, Nigeria, in November 2016, to deploy and customize an Open Access Repository and a platform for MOOCs for the Ethiopian Research and Education communities. The video is the recording of one of the lectures given at the EthERNet e-Research Hackfest (http://www.sci-gaia.eu/ethernet-hackfest).

Keyword(s): Sci-GaIA ; Open Access Repository ; Invenio ; EthERNet ; e-Research Hackfest ; Ethiopia ; Addis Ababa
Identifier(s): 10.15169/sci-gaia:1489770541.31

Licence: cc-by-4.0

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